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David M. Green

Professor and Director
Redpath Museum, McGill University
859 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K6, Canada

Telephone: (514) 398-4086 ext. 4088
Fax: (514) 398-3185


Current Lab Members

Pablo Menendez Ph.D. (2014- ) Understanding amphibian vulnerability to climate change: A phylogenetic and spatial approach

Jessica Ford Ph.D. (2017- ) The ecological consequences of toad tadpole loss

Nathalie Jreidini Ph.D. (2018- ) Animal movement and dispersal: quantitative analyses on long-term empirical datasets

Eric Guerra-Grenier Ph.D. (2018- ) Defensive coloration in temperate amphibians

Past Lab Members

James B. Barnett Postdoc (2016-2018) Amphibian Behavioural Ecology

David O'Connor Ph.D. 2017 Dynamics of range variation and post-glacial range expansion of the American toad

Katharine Yagi Ph.D. 2017 Density-dependence and Dispersal Mechanisms in a Pond Breening Amphibian

Brandon Varela M.Sc. 2017 Microbiome of Dendrobatid frogs in Panama

Flavia Papini M.Sc. 2016 Social enhancement of reproduction and potential Allee effects in an endangered amphibian

Nicholas Gervais M.Sc. 2016 Adaptation to acidic habitat in Spotted salamanders

Daniel Greenberg M.Sc. 2013 Population dynamics of a declining amphibian

Jessica Middleton M.Sc. 2012 Population Ecology of a declining amphibian in relation to density.

Morgan Boenke M.Sc. 2011 Terrestrial habitat and ecology of Fowler's toads, Anaxyrus fowleri.

Jean-Sebastien Roy M.Sc. 2009 Structure and dynamics of a natural hybrid zone between the toads, Anaxyrus americanus and Anaxyrus hemiophrys, in southeastern Manitoba.

Trond Sigurdsen Ph.D. 2009 The lower Permian dissorophoid Doleserpeton (Temnospondylii) and the evolution of modern amphibians

Marie-Pier Prairie M.Sc. 2009 Landscape ecology of an amphibian community

Vanessa Kilburn M.Sc. 2008 Epidemiology of chytridiomycosis in Panamanian frogs

Shavonne Meyer M.Sc. 2007 Landscape history, dispersal and the genetic structure of amphibian populations.

Julie Lee-Yaw M.Sc. 2007 The phylogeographic history of the wood frog (Rana sylvatica)

Tricia Markle M.Sc. 2006 Phylogeography of salamander populations

Arthur Whiting M.Sc. 2004. Population ecology of Western Chorus frogs, Pseudacris triseriata

Alex Smith Ph.D. 2005. Population ecology and genetics of Fowler's toads, Bufo fowleri.

Leslie Bol M.Sc. 2002. Amphibian recruitment success at a landscape scale

Heather Gray Ph.D. 2000. Biological significance of colour pattern and variation in the green poison frog, Dendrobates auratus.

Jacqueline Brinkman M.Sc. 1999. Structure and evolution of supernumerary chromosomes in the Pacific giant salamander, Dicamptodon tenebrosus.

Timothy F. Sharbel M.Sc. 1996. Molecular genetic composition, origin,and evolution of B-chromosomes in the frog Leiopelma hochstetteri.

Clifford W. Zeyl Ph.D. 1996. Sex, parasitic DNA, and adaptation in experimental populations of Saccharomyes cerevisiae and Chlamydamonas reinhardtii.

Hinrich Kaiser Ph.D. 1993. Systematics and biogeography of eastern Caribbean frogs.

Clifford W. Zeyl M.Sc. 1991. Genome evolution in the primitive frog, Leiopelma hochstetteri.

Carol A. Maine M.Sc. 1991. Newtonian cooling and reptilian thermal ecology.