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Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics.

2017. (Hendry)



Human influences on evoution, and the ecological and societal consequences. 2017. (PTRSB: Gotanda, Svensson, Hendry)


Vol17 Num2 Cover-1


Stickleback behavior & evolution.

2016. (Hendry and Peichel)

evolutionary applications 2014 cover

Climate Change, adaptation and phenotypic plasticity. 2014.

(Merilš and Hendry)

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Stickleback behavior & evolution. 2013.

Hendry and Peichel)


CurrentCover 2


Niche theory and speciation.

2012. (Meszena & Hendry)

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Ecological Speciation. 2012. (Elias, Faria, Gompert & Hendry)

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Eco-evolutionary dynamics. 2009. (Pelletier, Garant & Hendry)


Evolutionary perspectives on salmonid conservation and management. 2008.

(Hendry & Waples)

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Evolution on ecological time scales. 2007.

(Hendry, Carroll & Reznick)

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Evolution Illuminated: salmon and their relatives. 2004.

(Hendry & Stearns)

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Microevolution: rate, pattern, process. 2001.

(Hendry & Kinnison




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