Host-parasite interactions


A recent focus in the lab has been the influence of host-parasite interactions on ecology and evolution. This work started as a collaboration with McGill Professors Marilyn Scott and Gregor Fussmann and Dalhousie Professor Paul Bentzen. It has, of course, been carried forward by the various students we have taken together as can be seen in the papers listed below. Most of the work focuses on the guppy-Gyrodactylus system (see the cool video below); but, in collaboration with PhD student Victor Frankel and STRI scientist Mark Torchin, we are also working on invasive host-parasite communities in Panama.


1.     Jacquin, L., S. M. Reader, A. Boniface, J. Mateluna, I. Patalas, F. Pérez-Jvostov, and A.P. Hendry. 2016. Parallel and non-parallel behavioural evolution in response to parasitism and predation in Trinidadian guppies. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 29:1406-1422. PDF


2.     Pérez-Jvostov, F., A.P. Hendry, G.F. Fussmann, and M.E. Scott. 2016. An experimental test of antagonistic effects of competition and parasitism on host performance in semi-natural mesocosms. Oikos 125:790-796. PDF.


3.     Dargent, F., G. Rolshausen, A.P. Hendry, M. E. Scott, and G. F. Fussmann. 2016. Parting ways: parasite release in nature leads to sex-specific evolution of defense. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 29:23–34. PDF


4.     Frankel, V.M., A.P. Hendry, G. Rolshausen, and M.E. Torchin. 2015. Host preference of an introduced ‘generalist’ parasite for a non-native host. International Journal of Parasitology 45:703-709. PDF


5.     Pérez-Jvostov, F., A.P. Hendry, G.F. Fussmann, and M.E. Scott. 2015. Testing for host-parasite local adaptation: an experiment with Gyrodactylus ectoparasites and guppy hosts. International Journal of Parasitology 45:409–417. PDF


6.     Dargent, F., M.E. Scott, A.P. Hendry, and G.F. Fussmann. 2013. Experimental elimination of parasites in nature leads to the evolution of increased resistance in hosts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences 280:20132371. PDF


7.     Gotanda, K.M., L.C. DeLaire, J.A.M. Raeymaekers, F. Pérez-Jvostov, F. Dargent, P. Bentzen, M.E. Scott, G.F. Fussmann, and A.P. Hendry. 2013. Adding parasites to the guppy-predation story: insights from field surveys. Oecologia 172:155-166. PDF


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