Anthony Ricciardi, Professor
Invasion Ecology & Aquatic Ecosystems

Redpath Museum & McGill School of Environment
McGill University

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Invasive Species
   Dreissena bugensis
   Echinogammarus ischnus
   Dreissena polymorpha
   Lophopodella carteri
   Neogobius melanostomus
   Cercopagis pengoi
   Limnoperna fortunei
   Hemimysis anomala
   Petromyzon marinus
   VHS virus

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Dreissena polymorpha

Since the mid-1980s, the Ponto-Caspian zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha has been spreading throughout eastern North America. It has caused a wide variety of ecosystem impacts, including substantial changes to the diversity and abundance of benthic invertebrate communities in lakes and rivers (Ward & Ricciardi 2007; Ricciardi et al. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998).  It continues to expand its range, having been discovered in California in 2008.

(Photo by A. Ricciardi)