15 papers

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Rolshausen, G., S. Muttalib, R. Kaeuffer, K. B. Oke, D. Hanson, and A.P. Hendry. 2015. When maladaptive gene flow does not increase selection. Evolution 69:2289–2302. PDF


Rolshausen, G., D.A.T. Phillip, D.M. Beckles, A. Akbari, S. Ghoshal, P.B. Hamilton, C.R. Tyler, A.G. Scarlett, I. Ramnarine, P. Bentzen, and A.P. Hendry. 2015. Do stressful conditions make adaptation difficult? Guppies in the oil-polluted environments of southern Trinidad. Evolutionary Applications 8:854–870. PDF


Roesti, M., S. Gavrilets, A.P. Hendry, W. Salzburger, and D. Berner. 2014. The genomic signature of parallel adaptation from shared genetic variation. Molecular Ecology 23:3944-3956. PDF


Haller, B.C., and A.P. Hendry. 2014. Solving the paradox of stasis: squashed stabilizing selection and the limits of detection. Evolution 68:483-500. PDF


Hendry, A.P., R. Kaeuffer, E. Crispo, C.L. Peichel, and D.I. Bolnick. 2013. Evolutionary inferences from the analysis of exchangeability. Evolution 67:3429-3441. PDF


Dargent, F., M.E. Scott, A.P. Hendry, and G.F. Fussmann. 2013. Experimental elimination of parasites in nature leads to the evolution of increased resistance in hosts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences 280:20132371. PDF


De León, L.F., J.A.M. Raeymaekers, E. Bermingham, J. Podos, A. Herrel, and A.P. Hendry. 2011. Exploring possible human influences on the evolution of Darwin’s finches. Evolution 65:2258-2272. PDF


McKellar, A.E., and A.P. Hendry. 2009. How humans differ from other animals in their levels of morphological variation. PLoS ONE 4:e6876. PDF


Hendry, A. P. 2009. Ecological speciation! Or the lack thereof? Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 66: 1383–1398. [J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture, 2008] PDF


Berner, D., A.-C. Grandchamp, and A.P. Hendry. 2009. Variable progress toward ecological speciation in parapatry: stickleback across eight lake-stream transitions. Evolution 63:1740-1753. PDF


Hendry, A.P., S.K. Huber, L. De León, A. Herrel, and J. Podos. 2009. Disruptive selection in a bimodal population of Darwin’s finches. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Biological Sciences 276:753-759. PDF


Hendry, A.P., and A. Gonzalez. 2008. Whither adaptation? Biology and Philosophy 23:673-699. PDF


Stockwell, C.A., A.P. Hendry, and M.T. Kinnison. 2003. Contemporary evolution meets conservation biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 18:94-101. PDF


Hendry, A.P., E.B. Taylor, and J.D. McPhail. 2002. Adaptive divergence and the balance between selection and gene flow: lake and stream stickleback in the Misty system. Evolution 56:1199-1216. PDF


Hendry, A.P., and M.T. Kinnison. 1999. The pace of modern life: measuring rates of microevolution. Evolution 53:1637-1653. PDF


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